Kari 's Yard

We started with a fence..

Then the terracing with ties...

Next a cover for the patio!

Then more gardens with ties..

Awww... a place to relax with a brick walk and a fence to block the wind.

We tried working with the landscape blocks and made a new planter.

Ties became rotten and had to go, so a new block wall!

Time for new windows...

and then came siding!! No more painting for us!! :)

A pond and waterfall came next!

Check out how the pond was built....!!

We added stepping stones, some plants....

new sod, a path...

and 2 trees for a touch of shade. Awwww ...... much better!

Plants and gold fish came next. I even tried tadpoles!

Next we closed in our patio with all sliding glass doors.

We never turn it off... it is just as beautiful in the winter

Our own little corner of the world...

We fixed the flagstone walk and added some new edging!

A perfect bench from the staff at Ellicott Elementary School.

A beautiful dragonfly stepping stone from our 2000-2001 third grade students.

And from a student, a very special turtle that has made his home at the top of our falls!
**A special thanks to all the students, staff and friends at Ellicott Elementary for giving us 29 wonderful years. You have added to our memories and the beauty of our yard with your many gifts! We love you all and will remember you always! **

Even some of nature's beauty comes to visit us!

The Pikes Peak Pond Tour 2001...

It is never complete... so we added a foot bridge and new steps to the top of the falls.

Then we got new edging and fixed small gardens under our trees....

redid the path...

and got rid of the hot tub.

We added flagstone and stepables to make a small patio.

Next we created a small pond out of a water tank.. we keep small fish and tadpoles safe in here.

The yard is coming along nicely and ready for another pond tour.

Never finished... we decided to have a gas fire pit.

I used blocks for the wall ...

add the pit... and we are ready for a fire!

New screens for the garden to protect it from hail... Yes... the yard is looking pretty good!

Then I had to add a small area to the path.... more flagstones and more cement.

Even with all the mess we still have many beautiful butterflies!

A new year... and new ideas. We decided to pull out the ties and use block to fix up the garden...

and new decking (to fix what the other guy wrecked)...

Next, take out the flag stone, lengthen the path and change to "cobble stones".

a new bridge...

a rocker and area to relax...

and a perfect spot for the swing my dad made when he was in high school (1928).

We even cleaned up my planting area...

We decided to set up a monitoring station to check the temperatures in the pond and to include the air and soil near the pond.

click here to see more on this and the rest of my complete weather station

And finally decided our LARGE koi needed some friends. We got a shubunkin goldfish, a butterfly koi and another koi friend to join him in the pond.

We are now ready to sit back and enjoy our yard!

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