Weather Station

In 2002, I got a Vantage Pro weather station. It came in parts... and we got to put it all together.

Next came the job of leveling a pole so we could mount it at the highest location . We did not want trees or building to change the readings.

I was sure glad it was them... it was a very cold January.... and very far off the ground!

...and finally up goes the last part.

Wow ... what fun when it was all up and running... I right away made a web page so we could easily monitor the neighbor temperatures and weather.

As we became more active with the care of our pond... we decided we wanted to monitor the temperatures in the water. This will be of great benefits knowing when to be feeding the fish and watching what happens in the winter as our falls are never turned off.

So we got an Vantage Pro2 with soil temperature probes. This is the solar and wireless transmitter box.


The first probe was placed 6" below the service of the ground to monitor the freezing and thawing of our gardens.

The next is around a brick and placed in the bottom of the pond. The probe sticks up about 4 inches off the bottom of the 3.5 foot pond.


These show the surface probe. I tucked it around the floating log so it just hung below the log about 4 inches. This allows the probe to always stay at the same depth even as the level of the water in the pond changes.

The last probe is tucked inside this cute little house to protect it from the sun. This allows us to compare the temperatures of the water with the actual air temperatures.


This is an example of the strip chart.... and here are my two consoles. Be sure to check out what they are telling me on their pages.

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