off to the east coast again....

Spring ~ 2003

At the end of our plane trip to Baltimore and a ride to Delaware... we found Gus awaiting our arrival.

The next day we were off to Emerald Isle... Linda and I could hardly wait to see the ocean!

The first sunrise was breath taking...

Check out other sunrise and sunset pictures!

The name of our beach house sure fit the feeling of the vacation!

Check out the beach house.

Morning coffee in the cottage....

Morning coffee on the deck!!

The shells covered much of the beach.

They were refurbishing the beaches... the gush of water was full of ocean life, sand, and shells.

The week was full of pictures and playing with the cameras. I wonder who will get the best picture?

Linda is very good with the evening pictures..... this evening will be remembered for losing the house... it was so dark on the way home.

The birds were enjoying the warm weather, too.


Here we have "cooking with Linda" ... the meals were wonderful.... she is quite a cook!!

This was one of Linda's created "Kodak moments".

We met Lazy 8 and his wife on the island and enjoyed a dinner at the beach house and later a wonderful dinner at their house. Thanks!! :)

We had such fun on the beaches... walking... collecting shells... and just soaking up the sun.

One walk took us to the fishing pier.... where we watched them catching blowfish.

and here is just a peek under the pier ..

more from the pier

We spent hours one day just looking for the perfect wee tiny shells.

millions of shells!!

Marty then created a mini beach on the deck.

Check out the results.

The sky was so blue... the weather was perfect!

We checked out the Fort Macon ..... it was really neat!

See inside the fort!

The final sunrise was as beautiful as the first... we were sad to leave...

but on to NYC....

(more from NYC)

and the fireman's museum.

The beauty of the city from our ferry ride.

We stopped at ground zero to pay our respects. The area had many memories from 9-11 but the city is doing well to continue. My heart was filled with thoughts and prayers for all those so closely touched by the tragedy.

We took a ferry to see Lady Liberty. She is so beautiful.

Last we visited Ellis Island. So much history in such a small place.

More from the island.

As the trip comes to an end...... Linda and I are sad to leave but know that there will be another trip in the future. Thanks Marty for driving and hope you join us again...... :)
**A special thanks to Marty and Liz for their wonderful hospitality!!**
** Thanks to Fred and his wife for a lovely evening and beautiful shells and memories to bring home with us!!**
**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**