Fall in New England 2002

Our trip took us east on I 70 and we passed such beautiful country. This was in Indiana where we spent our second evening out.

We were so lucky that Al and Jane decided to stay up late and come to meet us at a local truck stop for coffee! It was such fun getting to know you!

We headed on to PA and passed many interesting bridges on our way to Pittsburgh.

Getting lost in Pittsburgh gave me a chance to meet Joe. We had a great time at supper and he even paid off his 7 year old bet!! :) Thanks!

From the visitor's center in New York, we stated to notice the changing colors.

On to northern New York state for a quiet evening near this beautiful lake.

I loved the country side and the autumn color surrounding the small rural towns.

The covered bridges in Vermont were so neat. We enjoyed getting off the main roads to find a number of them.

More bridges!

We happened on to this quiet river tucked away on a back road of Vermont.

There is no way to capture the beauty of the fall leaves.

This small stand we found along the road and they have yummy syrup!

The architecture of the buildings was so different. I just loved it!

This lighthouse was in Portland, Maine but we found several that were so interesting to visit.

Maggie was not so sure of her first encounter with the ocean!

As we arrived at Salem, Massachusetts this house sure caught our attention.

With Halloween right around the corner, Salem was a busy place. This little lady was in the center of town.

Next on to Plymouth....

And ended that night at the very tip end of the cape at Provincetown. This is the Pilgrim Monument built in 1910. It is the tallest granite structure in the US.

This lighthouse was part of the Highland Golf Course that was established in 1892.

The pumpkins and mums were everywhere!! This green house was in Halifax, MA.

At Newport, RI Maggie found a wonderful job as keeper of the gate. It even gave her shelter from the rains.

ewwww...... after playing in the ocean salt water, and the rain... no one really wanted to pick her up!!

On to a visit to the Essex R.R. Station!

The water was much calmer the next day when we returned to Newport, RI.

And I did not even mind holding on to her today!

The ocean was so different and peaceful.

This was just a lovely lake we happened on to during our travels.

No trip to PA is complete without a stop at Hershey. We got to enjoy a bit of shopping and sampling goodies at the factory.

Maggie got to meet Oscar... a Jack Russell Terrier that came to visit. I am still not sure that Oscar liked Maggie much after she chased him about the house and helped herself to his bone.

I went to a car show with Marty and got to enjoy all the neat old cars. Marty and Brian had the two best looking trucks in the show.

See more of the show!

Marty went home with the biggest trophy!! Best in Show.. Congrats for an outstanding job on your

'49 Ford pickup!

The guys took in a day or two of fishing and had great luck. David got the biggest~ a 43 inch striper!

Check out more of the fishing trip!

A quick picture of best friends before we left for home..... Thanks so much to Marty and Liz for having us as their guests.

Our first stop on the way home was Gettysburg. There was so much to see and so little time to really enjoy it all.

More pictures from there.

On through Maryland and more of the beautiful churches.

The vivid colors were everywhere as we headed on toward Kentucky.

I had to stop long enough in Indiana to take this breath taking view of the sunrise.

A quick visit to the Arch in St. Louis as we continued on toward home.

Maggie watched as the snow and ice made the last part of the trip much slower~~ but we will keep with us wonderful memories of a fantastic trip.
**A special thanks to our dear friends Marty and Liz for their wonderful hospitality!!**
** Thanks to Chris and his dad~ the guys had a wonderful time fishing for Stripers on the Delaware Bay.**