2002~ Linda and I were off to Outer Banks, NC

With laptop and De Lorme we were off to the Outer Banks, NC. Marty was our driver so Linda and I could sit back and enjoy the ride!

We could hardly wait to get out on the deck and check out the view when we arrived at Kill Devil Hills.

We loved the beach and spent hours walking and gathering shells.

Marty enjoyed feeding the many birds that were outside our window.

Click here for other bird and beach pictures.

(great for the desk top)

The sunsets were so beautiful. This is the Wright Brother's Monument .

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(more desk top pictures)

We visited the Bodie Island Lighthouse...

More about this lighthouse!

and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Notice the barber striping on this lighthouse. It was moved because of the shifting beaches.

More pictures of Cape Hatteras.

The rough waters just kept eating away the shore even with all the work they did to try to protect it.

Even the sandbags did not help. You can see in the distance where the lighthouse is now located.

With a bit of fog, the sunrise was ever so beautiful.

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(and even more big ones!)

At the Wilbur and Orville Wright memorial, we also could see the buildings where they did their work.

Linda and I found our perfect word as we checked out the monument.

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We even walked the path of the first 4 flights.

Oh I want this tree in my yard... Linda can we take it home in your suitcase?

The Roanoke Island Museum was such fun as we learned about the first English child.

I got to try my hand at duck hunting!! I am a sure shot... anyone for duck soup? :)

Hats hats hats..... We had a great time finding the perfect ones!

Click here for more fun we had in the museum.

After the museum we visited the colony and met a very busy member....

Click for more of the colony!

then to the Elizabeth II to visit with the ship mates.

For more of the ship... click here!

Linda had the best view from on top!

The full moon brought to life the ocean. In the night we could see the sparkle of the lights at the bottom of the sea.

Returning to Marty and Liz's gave Linda a bit of time on the computer.

Next a trip to the Harley Shop... wow..

Click here to check out what was inside....

and then a visit to the Wilmington River Walk. Lunch was so good at Kahunaville.

Liz took us to the Baltimore Inner Harbor for a wonderful day.

We had such fun shopping and seeing all the sites.

Marty gave me a quick lesson on the finer points of using a table saw.

I checked out the truck as Marty got it ready for the new coat of paint.

And just who does that sock belong to???

We sat and looked at our pictures as we waited for our flight home. It was a wonderful vacation... now lets plan for the next one!
**Once again our thanks go to Marty and Liz for opening their home to us, and showing us a wonderful time!**
**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**