Kari 's Trip to Tampa, Florida with Linda

Linda and her daughter Janet are practicing just a bit with the camera as we waited for our flights.

Janet's apartment was so nice with fountains and lots of wildlife!!

Janet and Brian took us to the Pier in Tampa for a wonderful evening.

Lunch was yummy at Scuelly's. We enjoyed watching the bay as we ate.

Then it was off to the beaches! They were so beautiful and the sand was so fine and white.

The search for orange peel candy came up empty.... so we made our own!!

We had our nightly visit from a gator that made his home in Janet's pond. I am sure glad they don't live in MY pond!!

We had a wonderful time at the Tampa Aquarium. Linda and I even caught a ride on this little fish!

Brian found a place to touch the sea creatures... I sure hope he remembers to wash his hands!!

Linda found this little fellow in one of the tanks. She decided to get up close!

Awww we really wanted to read the newspaper..... too bad it was made of cement!

The days were beautiful and we had such a good time just seeing the sites!

No Janet.... the water is not really that deep!!

We were both sad when the time came to head home...We would never discover the mystery of the building...

But we will always remember the beauty of the bridges...

the tame birds....

the wonderful white sand beaches...

the days watching the ocean...

and all the beautiful scenery as Janet took us on all of our adventures.

I am sorry to say... these little fellows I will NEVER miss... somehow they got in everywhere... !!

See ya all.... Hope you will check back as we take our next adventure to a new and exciting place!

**Special thanks to Janet for sharing her home with us and showing us such a wonderful time !!**
**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**