...Kari & Linda...

off to the east coast

We started the trip by meeting a High School friend in VA. Such fun after 30 years....

and his wife was wonderful. We had such a good visit.

Then on to Washington D.C. and a quick tour of the Amtrak hi speed maintenance facility. We got to tour the Acela train. It was so neat!! Marty was an excellent guide!

We arrived late but in the morning Linda could be found looking out at the ocean.

Marty had to help Linda with a quick lesson on the finer points of a digital camera. She was a quick learner and many of these pictures are hers. :)

We spent the day on the beach and collected lots of shells that I took back to my students. They loved them!

We watched the sun set over Myrtle Beach. Such a beautiful sight.

We had supper and a bit of relaxation at a small place near our motel. We even found another internet friend to visit with there. We also met Lazy8 and his wife but somehow the pictures got lost. :(

The nights were so beautiful from our motel room. We were on the 10th floor. :)

Linda caught this sunrise picture. It was really a beautiful morning.


The view was wonderful from all directions and all times of the day. We just could not get enough of the ocean!

We loved walking on the beach and found lots of beautiful homes along the way.

The last day at Myrtle beach we enjoyed the beach and got a bit of sun. Linda even enjoyed the water!

Then another sunrise and we were off to the Amtrak station. We rode the train to Wilmington, DE. We loved the ride!

When we got there, Marty picked us up and took us to the Philly train station. We were guests on the Acela 10003 test car. It was such a neat experience!

I got a quick lesson on the computer as we saved all of the pictures we had been taking to a cd.

Then off to Philly for lunch and to meet other internet friends. We stopped at the liberty bell for just a sec. The school kids were there by the hundreds.

We met Katie and Sharon for Philly cheese steak sandwiches. They were yummy!

We even got to check out the subway in Philly.

Chris joined us the last night after he did a bit of a repair job on his truck. Yes his hands were really that dirty. :)

The last night we had supper with Katie, Marty and Liz. Katie made cannolis. It was a perfect way to end a perfect vacation!

**Special thanks to Marty for driving us from Delaware to Mrytle Beach, NC. You are a great guide and helped to make our trip an extra special one!**
**Thanks to Liz for having us as guests in her home. It made our trip so relaxed and enjoyable!**