Fall ~ 2010


My first trip to Michigan...

I loved the little towns... they reminded me of where I grew up.

It was sooo pretty and green!

I loved the old drop bars for the train tracks....this one however mentions

"High Speed Trains"

I loved the old things you can find at every turn.

This cute little town of Layton had some very old buildings but all still in use. I was told the new water tower was one of the must exciting things to come to this quiet little town.

But look!!! They have a weather station just like mine!


There were beautiful sunsets.

I had nice motels with BIG comfy beds!

Such an interesting tree out my window.


Dowagiac was another interesting town...

with very interesting art!

Niles, Michigan had a neat historical depot and still very active.

Click here to see more of the amazing place

I found a beautiful park... so relaxing!

More fall pictures in the quiet little towns.

I had to climb many many steps to get my first look at Lake Michigan. It was so pretty there.

Check out this amazing train "tunnel"....

guess they did not want to move anything for the train.

Looks like this drawbridge could use a bit of paint. It says it belongs to Amtrak!

The back country roads were sooo pretty to travel even with a storm in the area.... until....

click here to see more farms and scenery!

we came to Kansas Road where we could smell fresh cut pine and see branches all over the road. Little did I know that we were in an area that a twister had just passed through.

Roads were blocked by debris, power lines were down and houses were damaged. No matter which way we turned... we could not find a way out.

Check out some of the other pictures we got as we were trying to leave the area.

Shures Landing was so pretty with the water and lush growth.

It is always hard when such a great vacation comes to an end. I really enjoyed seeing so much new country.

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**