New Orleans and Pensacola

Spring ~ 2012


Off we go ... for another spring break! The flights were great!

After landing in New Orleans... we found our hotel in down town... the Crown Royal! Sooo nice!!

... then around the corner to visit Bourbon Street!

Bourbon Street was amazing! Crowds and partying really got under way after dark!

Click here to see more of Bourbon Street...


After a fantastic night....we headed off to Pensacola. We saw neat fishing boats on the way!

We easily found our condo.. and it was so nice!

See more condo here.

The beaches were so white.. the sand felt like walking on flour.

We took a Dolphin Cruise and were lucky enough to actually see a baby dolphin. You will notice the baby is black and swimming right beside the gray mom!

Check our more of our pictures from the "2 hour cruise" .....

We found a neat little place on the boardwalk for lunch!

The sunsets were spectacular....

This historic lighthouse is known for being one of the most haunted... and is open for tours and ghost hunters!

See more of the lighthouse.

The days were so peaceful and so pretty even when the fog came in... we always knew sunshine was soon to come.

We found a place for our last day dinner out.... wanted to give Linda a meal without being in the kitchen.

We hated to leave the relaxing Gulf....

and sunrises......

but the sunset trip home was very nice...even with all the delays! :)

and we knew another trip would be in the planning!

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**