Kari and family in the Philly area!

We took the train to NY City and our first stop was the Empire State Building. Oh what a site!

The view over Manhattan and Queens was fantastic!

Central Park had so much to look at... it was really worth the walk to get there!

A quick call home from the Train Museum :) ...It was a shame the phone didn't work!

The countryside was beautiful.... even in the rain and clouds!

A ride to meet Koonsie also gave me time to see Marty in action as the techie!

We could not leave without seeing how the yummy chocolate was made in Hershey.

The Cape May Ferry took us to visit with Candy. It was so good to see her again!

The beaches were as neat as I had remembered them. Just not enough time to spend there.

Who is that person talking too? Oh surely not me... hehehhe

ooops I can't see a thing!!!

Lee was even able to relax with the morning paper... thanks to Marty and Liz!!

A very special thanks to Liz and Marty for all the great times they shared with us. I hope you can come and join us here some time!!