Indian Rocks Beach

Spring ~ 2011


An absolutely beautiful flight. It was clear by the time we landed!

We loved Tropical Breezes...our little "6 pack" condo. We were lucky to have fantastic neighbors since the decks were open and very close.

On our walk... we saw this young man catch himself a nurse shark right from the beach. Ummm... makes one not want to spend much time in the water...

We had a great time meeting Leonard Smith from Longmont! He took us to a wonderful little place for breakfast and then we met at Crabby's for a drink.

Yes.... the sign and flags were real! We were careful to follow the rules as we crossed the street! :)

The sand was so pretty... and we always found different birds and their tracks on our walks.

... and more fun from our walks. These you can click on to get a big copy for a desktop.

Linda tried the grill outside our room for supper one night... could it be burning?

....then the sun began to set

and we could sit back and enjoy the view.

I bet you thought he was big.... :)

click on his picture and you can see him up close!

We almost missed this little guy!

...and every where you turned you could find these little friends.

More walks and things to see....

breath taking sunsets....

(click here for beach and sunsets pictures... perfect for a desktop)

and unbelievable nights with a full moon!!!

Linda you can not go over and play in their pool...

I don't think they want company!

..... the beach is the best place to sit anyway!

We had a wonderful time visiting with our neighbors Gail and George!

Everything turned red on our final night. We went went to the beach to enjoy the sunset is always so hard to know that our vacation is coming to an end.

But as we board our plane for the flight home... we are already making plans for our next adventure.

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**