Indian Shores

Spring ~ 2010


We left real early and got to enjoy a sunrise out the plane window. Infact we left just in time to miss the snow that arrived in Colorado Springs that afternoon. :)

We arrived in Tampa in plenty of time to get our car and find our little place on the beach... It was a bit "rustic" but had everything we needed and the beach! We found it only swayed a bit when the people upstair moved too fast. :)

Linda was quick to start nachos so we could enjoy the sunset while having supper.

We noticed a beautiful peaceful sailboat enjoying the last of the day.

We were always up early for coffee on the balcony and then ready to walk down the beach.

We would even find the birds still napping as we started out on our walk. Seems the one needs to go to school to practice his reading.

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We liked the 3 mile walk to the fishing was a shame they charged to walk on it.

We never knew what we might find on the pier.. or if it was alive or not... so you look inside very carefully.

The days were so peaceful....

The one windy day.. we went to John's Pass to take in the sites and have lunch.

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We found a neat place for lunch..... please note the attractive thatched roof! It is there for appearance not for keeping out rain!

check out more damp inside pictures

Back to the condo in time for NASCAR! Hook up the laptop!

...aww yes and my blanket... just to keep off the chill..

(must have been the sunburn)

there is always time to check my stocks....

eat Linda's yummmy cooking creations......

and take more pictures as the sun sets over the gulf!

The beaches were covered with jelly fish, sponges and interesting creatures..

We had lots of fun checking them all out and walking carefully from time to time.

We stayed near a fantastic bird sanctuary.

They would feed the birds and help the old and sick.

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Sunsets were beautiful over the Gulf.

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Fresh sea food........ shrimp and lobster .............yummy!


We can always enjoy the last sunsets even though we know our vacation is coming to an end.

As we leave on our flight home... we can begin to plan for next year!

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**