Ormond by the Sea

Spring ~ 2008

Our vacation began early on a beautiful Friday morning. It was a perfect day to fly.

We spent the first night in a beautiful hotel in Orlando. Here we enjoyed relaxing at the bar with a very young and "interesting" bartender.

Early the next morning we were ready to hop in our car and head to the beach... Could this possibly be our rental car? :) Well... we can always dream!

Saturday when we finally reached the ocean and our condo.... we wanted to sit back and just enjoy the view.

We were on the eighth floor of the Van Lee and the view of the beach was spectacular.

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It was a bit cloudy when we arrived but it did not stop us from heading to the beach.

On our walk we found the neatest sand castle. Later we met the creator from Canada and saw more of his work.

Click here to see more sand sculptures

We loved our walks on the beach and spent much of our vacation do just that.

One day we got a chance to watch people kiteboarding. They were so good ...it was fun to watch them kite wind surf.

Click here to see more of them.

We found that the ocean had strong currents and dangerous marine life on one day. (note the flags) But we only saw a very few Men of War and lots of beautiful star fish that had washed ashore. We were told that this was the first time in over 40 years that they had seen any star fish on the beaches.

The sunrises and sunsets were just as spectacular as always. We even saw dolphins in the mornings. One night we even got a picture of the full moon!

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We enjoyed just admiring the homes....

photographing the flowers.....

watching the surfers,

the boats,

and the fishermen as they caught their dinner.

On March 26th we went to join many other people as we awaited the arrival of the space shuttle. We were all so disappointed when the landing was put off till after dark and the patrol told us we all had to leave. We waited just long enough to see a the sunset behind the power poles.

Then it was off to Titusville where we tracked the shuttle on the computer. It was so neat when we heard 2 sonic booms as the shuttle passed over our head. The last picture is what we would have seen if we had been closer to the runway.

And now it is time to enjoy a breakfast of left-overs....

and take a last look out to sea!

We know our vacation is nearly over....

But we had a wonderful flight home... and could enjoy the sights as we passed over the Gulf of Mexico.

We have already started talking about plans for our next vacation!

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**