Los Angeles, California

Fall ~ 2007

My trip began in small town in eastern Colorado....

where I was meeting the Amtrak train #3 which was headed west.

Check out the inside!

I was so excited when we left the fog bank behind and I could enjoy the scenery.

The snow capped mountains were so pretty as I traveled through Colorado.

As we crossed through Raton tunnel.. I hew warmer weather was on the way.

I found we were sharing tracks with the freight trains and they seemed to pass way too close for comfort.

As we rounded the corner....it was fun to look back and see the rest or the train.

Albuquerque, New Mexico was our first long stop. We got to get off and check out all the jewelry that the local native Americans had been brought to sell..

As the sun started down I found I was ready for.....

a wonderful dinner in the dinning car and a good nights sleep.

I woke the next morning to sunshine, blue sky and palm trees!

The LA train station was very pretty...

click here to see more of the station.

After arriving at the station... I was off to Olvera Street for lunch and to see the sites. "For of 77 years Olvera Street has been the most famous Mexican market place in the world. " I was lucky to still be in LA when they were having a festival in the plaza.

Click here to see more form Olvera Street


I visited the Plaza fire house which was from 1884.

See inside the fire house



I also enjoyed visiting the oldest house in Los Angeles on Olvera Street. It had been restored and now has lots of things to see inside that might have been used in 1840's.

click here to see inside

The next day I was off to Hollywood! I so enjoyed the mall, the walk of fame and the Mann's Chinese Theater. It was so pretty and I enjoyed taking lots of pictures as I walked.

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I found the local metro and was on my way back to....

my motel room.

The next morning I woke to a beautiful sunrise.

The morning before I was to leave, I took time to walk to government center and saw City Hall, a neat underground mall and a couple of beautiful parks.

Enjoy some of the sites when you click here

Evening found me in the train station waiting for the train home.

Another great meal in the dining car with Moses and his wonderful staff. Then it was time for a good nights sleep after a busy day.

More close encounters with freight trains. I am not sure if I will ever get use to how close we pass.

The trip home was just as relaxing. I had a wonderful time meeting other people who enjoyed to travel by train. It was amazing the number of people that would ride the train for their vacation. But I sure have to agree with them.... it is a great way to travel.

I was sorry to see the sun set on such a relaxing vacation. But I know I will find a way to once again travel Amtrak.

toooooot toooooot toot toooooooooot ...........Home again at the La Junta train station.

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**