New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Spring ~ 2007

We were so excited as we flew into Orlando to spend the first night. The skies were blue and the weather was perfect!

Then on to New Smyrna Beach and our pretty little condo. Linda always finds the kitchen first...

More of our condo.

and I find the balcony with the view. ... oh and it was perfect!

We were up every morning to enjoy our coffee while we watched the sun rise.

With a bit of searching... we were sure glad Adele had wireless. I just wish she was a bit closer!

Oh wow... my new digital camera brought things up close!

oh man..... we didn't lock it,,,,,

did we?

We loved taking pictures... as always. I caught Linda here with camera in hand sitting on the balcony waiting for just the perfect shot!

We were much lower in the condo this year. We were on the second floor... but the view was every bit as good!

We spent most of our time this year... walking the beach. They were not crowded and we had such fun just watching the birds and waves and watching where we walked.

From our balcony we could watch for dolphins....

lots of beautiful birds.....

Check out other bird pictures.

and people fishing!

Due to the bad rip tides, we found many Jellyfish and Portuguese Man-of-War. There was also all types of debris on the beach after high tide.

Click here to learn more about the Portuguese Man-of-War and more pictures.

I found out the importance of long legs.... the waves that came in were well above my knees... but below Linda's!!

I loved how Linda used her back pockets for her flip-flops!

Oh dear.... was that a Man of War that swam by?

We found a beautiful walkway over the water that was perfect for a few sunset pictures. We were sad to see your relaxing vacation come to an end.... but it was such fun and we are ready to face what awaits us at home. So "Bye" from New Smyrna Beach and we hope to see you again after out next vacation!

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**