Return to Washington DC

Fall ~~ 2006

We left Colorado after a short time deicing our plane.

The trip was wonderful. A dear friend was able to upgrade our seats to FIRST class. The wine and lunch were both wonderful.

Thanks Kevin!!

We could not believe all the snow we could see from the plane. Sure glad we are on our way to DC. I hear they have not had nearly as much snow as Colorado!

Ohh yes! We were right! Washington was dressed in beautiful fall colors. No snow anywhere!

We stayed on the mall. It was perfect to see all the sites by just walking out our front door.

We stopped to enjoy the beautiful site of our capital.

The museums were such fun. We enjoyed looking at everything they had to offer. This was a display of carved ivory.

and this guy was HUGE!

As we neared Lincoln's Memorial, we had to wait as the president passed by.

Look! We found Albert Einstein this time. He was just relaxing off the beaten path with his book on his lap.

Linda found this little guy ever so busy looking for dinner in the reflecting pool.


Oh yes... he was not alone. He had lots of friends swimming with him.

On our way back to our room, we saw some amazing art displays.

We visited Arlington Cemetery on Sunday.

We really got good using the Metro. It was our only means of transportation. Hey don't forget to get my ticket too!

We found a wonderful shopping mall... right off the Metro. That was good to keep us busy for a day!

Back to the train station for lunch... and yes MORE shopping!

The view from the New Air Force Monument was spectacular!

The new Air Force Memorial was so pretty.

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As our trip came to an end... Linda and I spent our last night in our hotel room enjoying all of our pictures and memories.

We will remember the awesome site as we are ready to leave for home.

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**