Washington DC

Fall ~~ 2004

The plane trip was great and brought us to the beautiful colors that greeted us at the BWI train station

Wednesday, we were off to see the sites. On our way to the Capitol we passed this monument and bell tower was for President William Taft. The statue in front was of his son.

On to our Capitol!

They were busy getting ready or the inauguration ceremony.

Share some of the sites inside!

The view from the steps of the capitol was so beautiful with all the fall colors.

On to Union Station ... the hub of much of the activity!

Notice the 3 flags that represent the three ships that came with Columbus!

Behind the station we found the K Tower where they route all trains to any destination in Washington terminal, Ivy City shops and the coach yard trains.... oh my what a job!!

How in the world do they know which track and wire to use???

We woke the next morning to a beautiful colorful sunrise out of our window!

The metro was quite an experience ... down to the young student who had the metro "eat his homework"

On to the Washington DC trolley. Bob took us around to see many more sites of the city.

Click here to see pictures from the ride!

We decided to stop and see the Washington National Cathedral.

Take a look inside!


Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

"In this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever"

The Korean War Veterans Memorial honors those Americans who answered the call... those who worked, fought, and gave their lives for the cause of freedom.

The still clear day made for beautiful reflections in the pool at the Korean Memorial.

Looking down the Reflecting Pool toward the new WWII Memorial

Another memorial we saw along the Reflecting Pool walk..


The National WWII Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died and all who supported the war effort from home.

Enjoy more pictures from the memorial.

The trees.... the colors.... the weather.... all perfect!!

On to the National Museum of the American Indian...

the United States Botanic Gardens....

and the National Postal Museum.

all aboard..... see you later.

The Union Station clock says it is time to go.

We had a wonderful time and hope you have time to stop back again after our next trip. There is always another in the plans.

**Check back... there will be more trips to share later**