Our Pond

We decided how we wanted the pond to look.... and made the plans.

The sod came out to prepare for the pond...

and the work started!!


They started by removing the rock.... and taking out part of the wall.

The falls were drawn ....

and the top catch pond was made with blocks.!

The felt was put in ... and then the rubber liner.

The rocks were carefully place in the falls so the water would flow evenly.

The pond was drawn and the digging was started!

Is 42 inches deep enough???

Shelves, bottom catch pond and skimmer box were dug by hand.

Boulders and rocks of all sizes and shapes lined the bottom of the pond.

The pond's sides were built up...

and the water was added to the pond!

The falls were completed ...

and here came the water!

It all worked perfect.

The water cleared and it was our turn to do the landscaping!