Kari 's Hobbies & Interests


I really enjoy so many things it is very hard to single out a few hobbies. Since I was very young I have enjoyed sewing, cooking, canning, and doing all types of crafts, but I find it difficult to get to those as much now. I do still love making quilts and feel sure I will get back to my other crafts in the future. I love music and mostly enjoy new age, oldies, and country. My new digital and 35 mm cameras are two of my favorite toys. I love to take pictures everywhere we go!! Be sure to check out some of my favorite snap shots. The mountains are a perfect place to take walks and photograph the scenery and wildlife. I have developed a few new interests! I enjoy playing golf and just spending time outside. Our yard is our sanctuary. We have worked on it for 28 years and have it nearly like we want finally...I hope. I love the waterfall, pond, garden and all my flowers. It makes it easy to get away from the city without even leaving home. Be sure to take a peek at our yard! :) I also love to travel!! You can enjoy my recent trips if you visit the travel page of my web site! Last I have not started a new project. I am putting to use all of the hundreds of pictures which I have taken and making them in to calendars and cd inserts and labels. I have now even using friends pictures to make their own personalized calendars and inserts. See some of my collections of "PICTURE THIS"! If you are interested in a customized calendar with your own pictures be sure to email me for more infortation!



If I seem to be lost... you will find me near my computer! I love to surf, make my own CDs, play games, scan old slides, make school things, work on my web page and Chat!. I nearly always have ICQ up ( my # is 6495939 ) and some evenings you will find me on the El Telar BBS. There I go by Blue and have met some very special people. I have been able to meet many of them in real life. I also love to chat on the Undernet in #Popinn where some of the first people I met on the web over 6 years ago still come to visit. I also have a special home on tower.fdf.net in #Innercircle. This is a small IRC but it is a great place to come, kick back, relax and chat!! Here you will find me as Kati_ .

****Be sure to visit "web friends" to meet some of the great friends and family I have on the web.****