More of Kari 's Web Friends


Art is a very dear friend that goes way back....way back to High School in real life. We have found each other again on the net and now hope we can keep in touch! ..... Do you think he is really working here??? :)


And here we find Art's wife. We were so lucky to have met her when we were back east on vacation. She and Art can be found in a beautiful area near DC.



A great guy I have had fun chatting with. I was sorry I missed meeting him in real life when we were back east.... but I will remember the offer of the boat ride the next time!!


A very special galpal from the east coast. We had a great visit durning one of my trips. I love her house and was only a bit nervous as we parked on her hill. :)


A friend from the net long ago. He is a great dad and loves flying. It is so much fun to chat with. Visit his web page to meet him. :)


A great friend and co-worker. I enjoy Steve's visits and time we spend at school together. Yes he is really working in this picture!! :)


Sharon and her hubby Eric are also from back east. She was another web friend I met on my last trip


A lovely gal from Minn. She only pops in to the #innercircle to say hi.. but we always love to see her come!!


Here is a great guy you can find on AIM as "ajnajmjle". He takes good care of the teachers' equipment and always has time to say "Hi"! :


I always look forward to finding jo to chat with on the #innercircle.
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