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A wonderful gal I was so lucky to meet on our trip! She lost her fight with cancer on Feb. 24, 2002. We will always remember her!


Jokes... jokes... jokes!!

I always enjoy reading and chatting with lazy.


A wonderful gal who loves her pc laptop as much as her MAC! Come and meet her in the #innercircle most any evening.


Dave is a great friend also from back east. We met in a channel called #40&radical and have chatted for over 2 years.


I was so lucky to meet him as he came to Colorado to see his son. A friend for several years.


From NJ, I look forward to chatting with bob nearly every night. He is great fun and never seems to have a dull moment.


Wow... what a wonderful family. I would just like to know how you have time to chat on #popinn?


Another person from Colorado! He is a big race fan and often hangs out on ICQ.


One of the first that I met on IRC and we still find time to chat on #Funfactory.!


Soon to graduate from a HS in Japan, Mei would like to come to the states and study to become a teacher!


A great gal I have enjoyed many nights chatting with on ICQ.


A new internet friend from SC. I was lucky enough to meet him when I took my trip back east.
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