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This is my sis who was often seen in #innercircle. She is a retired teacher who loved her MAC... but has a pc now and is doing great!



My Mom, my friend, my angel!! She lost her battle with cancer after a long and valiant fight. She left us on July 16, 2005. You will be in my heart forever.

* I love you Mom!*


My Dad and best pal. He sure did love his camera and taught me all he could about pictures! At the age of 96 he could not be without his dear little wife. He join her July 1, 2007. You will be with me forever!

*I love you Dad !*


My best friend, co-worker and travel buddy was once a MAC gal... but now is a proud owner of a PC and doing a great job on it. Be sure to check out some of our trips!!!


My son and computer expert can be found everywhere on the net.
(it is hard to get him to turn from his puter for a pic!)



Joe was a great friend who introduced me to IRC and to playing games on line. When his heart gave out ... he could not win the battle to keep the new one. On Sept. 9, 2006, I lost a dear friend and wonderful person. We will always remember you.


A real life special friend from the Valley BBS.


This back east guy can be found keeping Amtrak or his #innercircle running smoothly. He can always find time to spend with friends. :)


This is one of Lulu's daughters.. she is such fun and one of my favorite 3rd grade students. (well guess that was a while ago


Another one of the neat people from #innercircle.


An x-teacher from Norway that I enjoy keeping in touch with on ICQ.


A great photographer from you guessed it.... Denver.
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